Photography & Film

Caputuring the moment.

Instantly connecting. Appealing to the senses.



The importance of innovative and creative photography and film is key to the success of your school brand.  At Jack Frost, we pride ourselves on our image work.  We are all about taking the predictable shot you might expect to see and turning it on its head to create a vision at the cutting edge of modern imagery.


We will work closely with you to always ensure that all film and photography work connects emotionally with your audience and helps tell your unique story in every shot we take.


We will work closely with you to help structure the days shoot to get the maximum from every minute on location. Using our handy photoshoot tips and time guidelines, we can ensure that we cover all your required subject areas as well as leaving time for the odd portrait image.

Once our shoot is completed we will work with you to select the best images for your designs and then provide a digital download link where you can access every image in our dedicated client area.

Why choose Jack Frost?

Original & Ceative
We know how to capture original images which make an impact. Our shots are creative and fresh.

Branding Experts
With professional art direction and branding knowledge on every shoot, you’ll come away with images which are effective and truly reflect your schools personality.

We specialise in working with Universities, Colleges and Schools to create compelling prospectus and marketing images which raise parental confidence, attract students and encourage them to find out more about you.

Talk to us about capturing the moment for your school. No matter how big or small your school is our approach will be tailored just for you.

Drop us a line on 0330 133 1366 or simply fill out our contact form.