Brand/Visual Identity

Branding is the very essence of your school.

Reflecting your personality, principles and ethos.

Standing out and proud

We are all individual and so is your school or organisation.
We will help you create a unique brand identity, by this we mean the way your school gets recognised.
Your brand identity needs to stand out and be true to what your school or organisation stands for.
It's time to be individually original.

Presence Matters

It used to be just about a logo, now it's colours, imagery and typography – carefully and creatively combined to produce a distinctive, unique brand that is easily identifiable whether the logo is present or not.

Creating a strong and cohesive brand will ultimately set you apart from your competitors, attracting parents, students and future employees whilst also providing you with a greater presence within the wider community.

So whether you are a new school, an organisation just starting out or simply feel its time to shake things up a bit, preparation is vital.

Understanding You

We have designed and developed an outstanding portfolio of work for schools, colleges, trusts, alliances and education organisations alike bringing a mix of consultancy and creativity to help deliver some truly inspiring and engaging brands allowing them to fully flourish – but that’s at the end…

We’ll firstly start by getting to know you, stripping back the layers to the core of your school or organistation;

Only then can we truly begin.

Why choose Jack Frost?

Sophisticated and On Trend
We have a passion for creating stunning designs. We keep up with all the latest trends in visuals, web design and branding, which means your project will always be inspirational and truly reflect your personality.

Small friendly agency
By choosing Jack Frost you will be working with an agency that is proud to offer a truly personalised service. We go to great lengths to build relationships and make all our clients feel valued at every touch point.

Open and Transparent
We are a trustworthy agency. We pride ourselves on being totally transparent from day one, especially in terms of project management and costing.

Educational Thinkers
Jack Frost is an esteemed design agency in Education, recognised within the industry. We have a strong work ethic and motivation to help create a better future for communications within the education industry.

Talk to us about re-branding your school or organisation

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